Puffer Appeal


Since 1998 over a million pounds has been spent on replacing the Puffer’s hull.  This is now 75% complete.  Alongside the hull replacement the refurbishment of cabins, showers, the generator room, the workshop and the galley has been going on. The Puffer also needs to continually update and upgrade in all areas in accordance with MCA regulations.

The new appeal is to help with all this.

The main ways to send money are –

Send a cheque or transfer money

Gift money via PayPal

Buy a £10 ticket to win a bottle of Cool Ila

Come and visit anytime and drop a donation into the ‘Rocking Puffer’

Request a Legacy Information sheet

Please get in touch with Cathy at Puffer HQ who will be delighted to help you with any of the above and indeed anything else you might be wondering about,

Tel: 01546 830133 Email: savethepuffer@hotmail.co.uk