Puffer Day Trips

This amazing experience could be yours. What a unique day for you and your friends or family.F Sound of Jura


There are a few days of Puffer Day Trips still available to charter for this summer.    You have the choice of starting and finishing your day in Crinan or in Glasgow.  The charters cater for 12 people.  You will be served tea, coffee and biscuits in the morning, a delicious, homemade buffet for lunch and homemade cake with your tea in the afternoon.  If you like you are welcome to join the skipper in the wheelhouse, shovel some coal in the engine room or wash dishes in the galley…. perhaps you would just rather sit back and enjoy the view.

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Crinan Day Trip

Soon after 9:00 the Puffer goes through the sea lock and out into Crinan Bay.  From there the route depends on tides and winds but could include spotting the goats on Goat Island, sampling the mini whirlpools of the Dorus Mor and exploring Loch Craignish.  Marvel at the wonderful scenery and wildlife as you steam silently past.IMG_1492Acr

Dates still available: 13 July, 16 July and 17 July.

Glasgow Day Trips

The Puffer will be based at the Riverside museum and will depart for its day from Yorkhill Quay on the Clyde soon after 9:00.  Depending on tides, winds and opportunity, you may stop and visit the new riverside museum and the Glenlee tall ship or the Titan crane at Clydebank.  You may get as far as Greenock before turning for the return journey.  See Glasgow from a different view.  Marvel at the signs of the Clyde’s ship building past.


image002Dates still available: 17 May, 19 May.

For further details please call Cathy on 01546 830 133.