Puffer Cookbook

recipebook-roundPart of the experience which has drawn the Puffer enthusiasts back again and again are the delicious meals prepared for them in the tiny gallery, which has no electricity but limitless supplies of boiling water, as befits a steam vehicle!

Mandy Hamilton and David Hawson have had the inspired idea of combining the wonderfully varied recipes that have been cooked on board over the years with stunning photography of the Puffer and the lovely land and seascapes to be seen from its deck. David’s exuberant paintings of food, fish, flowers and the Puffer itself are the perfect complement to the recipes, and the book is seasoned throughout with the wry nautical aphorisms of skipper Nick Walker. The result is a unique cookbook that captures the magic of the Hebrides and long, happy summer days on the Clyde.

The book is available in local bookshops, and directly from the Puffer Preservation Trust through our online shop.